The International Conference on Language Teaching and Assessment: current issues and trends

22 – 23 August 2017

Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta

The teaching of foreign languages has a lot of interesting issues to discuss, ranging from philosophical and conceptual ideas to practical and pragmatical issues. There are various ways through which we can improve not only our teaching approaches but also our research capacity so that we are able to deliver research-based teaching and learning processes. Therefore, various research and thoughts related to the teaching of language need to be continuously conducted and shared.

It is in this context Center for Language Development of State Islamic University holds an international conference on foreign language teaching and assessment. The conference takes the issue of ‘Language Teaching and Assessment for the 21st Century: Current Issues and Trends’ as the theme.

The theme attempts to reflect the development of various aspects of both teaching and assessment related to foreign language ranging from approaches and best practices to teaching, curriculum and material development, assessment, cross-cultural issues, teacher professional development and so on. The foreign languages being discussed in this conference include Arabic, English, and Indonesian as a foreign language. In addition to disseminating thoughts and research findings, this conference is also intended to strengthen networking and collaboration among participants and to build common awareness and action plans on important issues in the field.